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McCain Cooks from the Inside Out

Rachael Ray went a little easier on John McCain than the View ladies did this morning. In a live-to-tape interview that will air Monday morning, Ray engaged the nominee and his wife on nuclear power, the economy, and Sarah Palin (Cindy McCain: "They really are a perfect fit").

Then they got down to cooking the ribs. (Insert obvious "but there was a different kind of grilling in store!" joke here.) McCain, a well-known grillmaster, told Ray he plans to keep grills at the White House and Camp David, and will man them himself.

Press pooler Michael Shear of the Washington Post describes the scene:

Ray gave Cindy a Navy apron with the words, "KISS THE CANDIDATE" in white on it. She gave him a peck and then put it on him. Ray told the audience that she had just learned that McCain likes to buy his ribs at Costco, to which she expressed surprise. "I've been to Costco, I just never pictured you guys..."

When the segment started, McCain explained how he makes his ribs: 1/3 of each: salt, pepper and garlic. Rubs them in 8-10 hours ahead and then puts the ribs on the grill, bone down for more than an hour. He also squeezes lemon juice on it, he said, to keep the meat moist.

"You want the heat to come into the bone and cook from the inside out," he explained.