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Palin Says Markets Need 'Shakin' Up and Fixin''

Governor Palin spoke this morning in a dirt-floor arena at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds just outside Denver. She started about 20 minutes late because she waited until President Bush was finished with his comments on the economy.

She took the campaign's "maverick" message and applied it to the country's financial troubles. She said the financial markets need "some shakin' up and some fixin' ".

Palin said she was glad to see the Federal Reserve and Treasury said no to a bail-out for Lehman Brothers. She said Washington has "been asleep at the switch" and Wall Street hasn't managed business well.

Palin said the McCain campaign is all about reform and putting government back on the side of the people. She didn't provide details during this speech but that wasn't what attendees were looking for. Many said they showed up to see and hear an up-beat, powerful speech and they were not disappointed.