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Hey Senator, What's Your Sign?

The Obama campaign's statement about the Planetarium money:

The non-profit Adler Planetarium is one of the leading astrological institutions in the Midwest that offers programs for students, scientists, and the public. Senator Obama is firmly committed to enhancing our nation's science education programming, and he joined a bipartisan coalition of Illinois Member of Congress including Senator Durbin and Congressmen Kirk, Jackson Jr., Davis, and Emanuel in requesting funding to enhance and restore the Planetarium. In a voluntary act of disclosure, Senator Obama disclosed all of the earmarks he requested in the U.S. Senate, he passed a law with Senator Coburn that creates a one-stop online database where taxpayers can see how their money is being spent, and he has since stopped requesting earmarks and cosponsored legislation that places a moratorium on earmark requests until proper oversight can be achieved.

The legitimacy of the request aside, we are pretty sure they should have said ASTRONOMICAL -- not ASTROLOGICAL. (For what it's worth, Obama is a Leo and McCain is a Virgo.) Somewhere, my Matter In The Universe professor's head is exploding...

h/t Ron Elving