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Inside Source Exposed As Hoax

The NYT writes up fake insider "Martin Eisenstadt" -- a made-up gentleman who claimed to be a McCain policy adviser and a senior fellow at the (pretend) Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy. He is responsible for such remarkable debunked leaks as "Sarah Palin thinks Africa is a country" and "Joe the Plumber is Charles Keating's son-in-law." (Though, in the defense of the folks who bought Eisenstadt's bill of goods...doesn't naming a think tank after Warren Harding seem too amazing to be fake? One can only imagine the commemorative teapots they might send out to members of Congress at Christmastime.)

But it turns out Eisenstadt was a fabrication of filmmakers Eitan Gorlin and Dan Mirvish, who delighted in getting their faux-insider info onto MNSBC and Fox News and into the web real estate of the LA Times and The New Republic. Some internet truth-squadders were onto the hoax early, but nonetheless a string of venerable news orgs allowed themselves to get punk'd.

Despite the now-widespread debunking of his identity, Eisenstadt's blog is keeping up the ruse, telling readers that "for anyone using inexact technology like Google, perhaps one reason you keep seeing the word 'hoax' next to my name is because I have used this very blog to uncover several hoaxes."