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The Keys To Succession

As we noted in yesterday's roundup, the selection of AZ Governor Janet Napolitano for Homeland Security Secretary will elevate Republican Secretary of State Jan Brewer to the Grand Canyon State's Governor's condo.

Mike Memoli, filling in for Ambinder, has an exhaustive and fascinating look at some other potential Obama appointees whose selection could lead to party-changes in Governorships and Senate seats.

The Democratic Governors of Kansas, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia would have Republican successors, and if Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed gets a political appointment, GOP Gov. Don Carcieri would select his replacement. But if one of Maine's moderate Republican Senators is tapped for a cabinet job, the Democrats could gain a seat with an appointment from Gov. John Baldacci...which would be huge if the Dems get to 59 with an Al Franken or Jim Martin Senate victory (and could be a potential reason for Susan Collins or Olympia Snowe to pass on an appointment offer).