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A nod to the lingering importance of good old-fashioned dead tree newspapers as copies evaporated from newsstands yesterday. As the New York Times put it, "For a day, at least, newspapers were cool again."

Esteemed NPR Reference Librarian Kee Malesky sends along this roundup of extra print runs, as posted to the news librarians' listserv.

We reprinted 3,000 yesterday afternoon and have decided to do another 10,000 this morning.

-- Savannah Morning News

We printed an extra 50,000 yesterday afternoon. They were distributed to over 3,000 locations and are being sold in front of our building.
People are walking away with bundles, not just one or two copies.
-- Detroit Free Press

The News had plans to run another 15,000 copies to be sold beginning tomorrow
--Buffalo News

We printed 30,000 extra first run, and sold out, then printed 65,000 more of a 'special edition' yesterday afternoon.
--St Louis Post-Disptach

An extra 15,000.
-- Palm Beach Post

The Observer turned the presses back on yesterday morning and printed 20,000 more. This on top of an increased run of 16,000.
People are still coming in for extra copies today!
-- Charlotte Observer

10,000 copies of a commemorative election edition are available today.
-- Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, CA)

We ran out of papers Wed., this was with an extra 4000 or 5000 papers printed statewide.
We printed an extra 5000 this morning for sale today.
-- Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

We ran about 25% more in the initial run and another 5,000 last night.
-- Tuscaloosa News

The Trib kept presses working yesterday and published an additional 410,000 copies of the paper.
-- Chicago Tribune

The paper prints 267,000 copies on a typical Wednesday morning run. But by the end of the day, 417,000 copies had been printed.
-- Atlanta Journal Constitution

Up to 100,000 extras were printed
-- Los Angeles Times

And according to E&P, the Washington Post has printed an additional 600,000. Washingtonians waited in line for hours yesterday afternoon on the promise of additional deliveries. At the Safeway near NPR, would-be collectors were limited to one copy per person.

-- Evie Stone

UPDATE: One more.

We are printing around 200,000 copies including an expanded run of our paper on Wednesday and a special commemorative "Extra" printed later that day and another press run of that Extra today.

-- San Francisco Chronicle