The Triumph Of The George Will : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Peter winds up in a surprise debate with George Will.
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The Triumph Of The George Will

Every now and then, I get asked by other media to weigh in on various topics, and last week the BBC asked me to come on their show BBC Americana — a show broadcast in the UK, about the USA — and talk about Chicago's Olympic bid. Happy to do so... it's my beloved adopted city, and I always enjoy making fun of it in front of foreigners.

What I didn't quite grasp — even though I was told beforehand — was that a) the other guest would be international grandmaster level pundit George Will, and that b) we'd be talking about other things. Like the Supreme Court. And the Second Amendment. Which is, as the cliche goes, a little out of my lane. I will bring myself to listen to it sometime soon, I'm sure... sometime real soon... but you can listen in here.