We Were Dorks Once, And Young : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Peter dorks out (again).
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We Were Dorks Once, And Young

One of the remarkable developments to occur during my lifetime is that geekery, specifically but not only Star Wars geekery, has become, if not cool, at least socially acceptable. Collecting, say, original edition Kenner brand Star Wars figurines is now just another hobby, not a sign of deep social dysfunction, and the President himself occasionally likes to pretend he has a lightsaber. And younger fans, like my own children, are enthralled by my stories of what it was like to walk into a theater (for me, a cineplex in New Jersey) and see Star Wars for the very first time. (And no, I'm not going to call it A New Hope, or Episode 4. Also, the White Sox don't play at U.S Cellular Field, they play in Comiskey Park, dammit.)

But watching this archival clip, which made the rounds this last weekend, reminded me: being a dork, back then, was pretty dorky. Not being French, I didn't get to see this at the time, but I promise you, had I seen it, I would have thought it was really cool.