Interior Design With Rush Limbaugh : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! A look at Rush's place.

Interior Design With Rush Limbaugh

Last week the Wait, Wait style team took on Olympic figure skaters, this week we're looking at Rush Limbaugh's Fifth Avenue penthouse. It's on the market for $13.95 million (which is either outrageously expensive or a steal depending on how you value gold leaf and rooms in which Rush Limbaugh has been naked). First up, the bedroom:

Images via Gawker
Photo of master bedroom
Images via Gawker

Eva: I always had a feeling Rush Limbaugh was lulled to sleep every night by an army of cherubs.
Mike: Sure, an open ceiling in your bedroom looks beautiful, but who wants to clean up all the bird poop?
Ian: Oh, snap, Mike! Your l'oeils just got tromped!

Now, the guest bedroom...

Ian: Who do you commission to get a painting of a Corona commercial on your wall?
Mike: They actually shot a version of Castaway where Tom Hanks washes up into this room.

Next up, the bathroom...

Eva: Those poor, poor people in the apartment building across the street. The things they've seen.
Doug Berman: That bathtub is full of Percocets.
Ian This is nice because if there are ever two Rush Limbaughs in here, the bathing one can watch the showering one.
Mike: But the mural of the toilet in here has confused many guests, with disastrous results.

Next, the living room...

Mike: Believe it or not, there are no actual windows or fireplaces in this room. It's all murals.
Peter: Like at Hogwarts, this ceiling mimics the sky outside, except here it's always sunny and there's no capital gains tax.
Eva: Does anyone else think it's weird that he has a tiny version of his living room at one end of his living room?

And now the study...

Peter: That, my friends, is one of the world's only complete collection of Reader's Digest Condensed Books first editions.
Ian: When Rush needs the perfect word, he just pulls down his leather-bound copy of Roget's Slursaurus.

Last, we look at the dining room...

Eva: Until I got to this photo, I was worried Winged Victory wouldn't be making an appearance.
Ian: Looks like he finished everything but the salad.
Mike: That painting is actually just a mural of a painting.

Story via Gawker.