Japan's 'Baby-Type Interaction Device' : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Yotaro, the Terrifying Robot Baby
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Japan's 'Baby-Type Interaction Device'

Japan, as you may know, has a really low birth rate. People just aren't making enough babies, and grad students at the University of Tsukuba believe that's because they don't know how awesome babies are. Says one:

We'd like people to experience the innocent, joyful expressions typical of small babies...it would be great if some people started feeling that they wanted to have their own baby, if they started feeling that working is not everything.

Their solution? Robot babies. They made a robot baby that is supposed to motivate young people to want real babies of their own. Here's the problem, though: it's totally terrifying. As Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky asked, "Does this Creepy Robot Baby Make You Want To Get Pregnant?"

If Yotaro the Terrifying Robot Baby does not make you want to have babies, consider this: it might be a good idea to start reproducing anyway. We're going to need as many humans as we can get to battle Yotaro when it inevitably becomes self aware and turns on us.