A Made In Hong Kong Action Figure Bears A Striking Resemblance To President Barack Obama : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! A new action figure bears a startling resemblance to a certain President of the United States. How would other world leaders look as superhero action figures?
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Just Another Generic Action Figure, Nothing To See Here

Obama action figure
Via Shuan Wong/Flickr Creative Commons

The product pictured here is called the Truetype Figure African American Advanced Version. The box art advertises a display stand, "over 38 points of articulation," and an extra set of hands for when you get bored of the first pair. That's pretty much all Hot Toys Limited tells you. So if the action figure here reminds you of anyone, say a certain leader of a certain country somewhere between Canada and Mexico, that's just you. We wonder what other action figures inspired by world leaders might be like...

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi
Guiseppe Cacace/AFP

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy

Super Powers: Invulnerable to shame, Skeevinating Eye-Ray 

Weaknesses: C'mon. You know his weaknesses.

Accessories: Like any Truetype Action Figure, Plastic Berlusconi comes with extra sets of hands, but all of Berlusconi's can be attached, and used, at once.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy
Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France

Super Powers: Fits in small spaces, whatever got him Carla Bruni

Weaknesses: Confusion, because action figure Sarkozy is the same size as actual Sarkozy.

Accessories: Power Footstool with Real Step Up ActionTM

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il

North Korea Dear Leader Kim Jong-il

Super Powers: When he shouts out loud, storms always happen, HUGE STORMS ALWAYS HAPPEN.

Weaknesses: N/A, outlawed weaknesses in 1995. Also outlawed gravity, and cereal.

Accessories: Detachable bouffant and two spare jump suits, one in beige, and one in beige.

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