Fight For Your Right To Wear Your Pants Around Your Ankles : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! A British teen fights the ban on low-slung pants in court ... and wins.
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Saggy Pants: Not A Privilege, But A Right

Lebatihem/Creative Commons/Flickr

This week's story to not quite make it out of our editorial meeting...

As Britain's parliamentary elections draw to a close, there's been much talk of the little people - of the common man and his right to fight for his basic human rights. Take for example Ellis Drummond, an 18-year-old from London. When he stands up for his rights, his trousers stay firmly on the floor. He recently fought for the right to wear his pants way below his waist...thanks to him, Brits have retained the claim to Life, Liberty, and a full view of Ellis Drummond's bum.

Ellis Drummond, we salute you, for the strength of your convictions, and your mission to expand what's considered a basic human right. What will we fight for next?