Simon Cowell gets political. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Simon Cowell throws his weight behind David Cameron in the British elections. Finally, things get interesting.
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Britain's Got Talent: Prime Minister Election Edition

The panel on American Idol
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Esteemed producer and hater of things Simon Cowell has endorsed Tory leader David Cameron in the elections coming tomorrow, calling him "the prime minister Britain needs at this time."

Cowell dismissed Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg as being "made for TV," which I believe he once said about Justin Guarini so that's pretty damning.

As for current PM Gordon Brown, an on-the-record fan of Britain's Got Talent, and something of a male Susan Boyle...Cowell called him "tired."

Simon's comments are disappointing, because the guy excels at being cruel, and it would have been fun, for instance, to hear him call out Brown on his song choice, or his struggles with banana addiction. Frankly I wish the whole American Idol crew had been a part of the elections from the beginning, if only to hear Randy call somebody "Prime Minister Dog" or to hear David Cameron attempt to sing "More Than A Feeling."