Who is this bird? : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Residents of West Palm Beach, Florida are being attacked by this mystery bird. Please help the local police department identify it.
NPR logo Public Service Announcement: Have You Seen This Bird?

Public Service Announcement: Have You Seen This Bird?

crazy bird sketch
Suspect Sketch/West Palm Beach Police Department

A very scary, crazy bird has been terrorizing the good people of West Palm Beach, Florida, dive-bombing pedestrians as they innocently jog or walk their dogs. This has nearly a dozen people terrified. Luckily, police have enlisted the help of locals to develop this composite sketch. So we're calling on you, American Citizens, to help identify the culprit.

Some clues:

  • The bird has wings.
  • The bird has a beak.
  • The bird has two eyes.
  • The bird may have trouble staying in the sky due to disproportionate wing-to-body ratio.

We think it sounds suspiciously like Big Bird, but what do you think?