We play the game Sushi Cat, from Armor Games. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! We review Sushi Cat, a dumb but wonderful online game.
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Mindless Arcade Friday: Sushi Cat

[Ed. Note: Part of my job is listening to our show, to make sure everything sounds right. I'm easily distracted, though, if there's an internet or an Us Weekly around. So, I have to turn off the rest of my brain so the audio part of my brain can focus. To do this, I look for good but dumb video games to play while I listen.  The requirements are pretty simple. It has to be: 1) simple to play, 2) wordless, 3) mute-able. Here, I'll share my favorites.]

Today's game: Sushi Cat

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Sushi Cat/Armor Games

Description: From what I can tell, you're a cat, or a gelatinous blob with a cat face painted on it. And you're in love. But your beloved is on the other side of an automatic door, and you're too tiny to trigger the sensor. You have to eat sushi, which is suspended in a pachinko machine, to get fat enough to get to her.

Gameplay: You move your mouse and then click to drop the cat. That could be the description for a much meaner game, but this one's pleasant.

All in all, a great game, and it satisfies all my requirements. Also, it has a good message: eat more and you will find love.

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