The Scantily Clad Meter Maids Of Surfers Paradise, Australia : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Those scantily-clad Meter Maids may be no more.
NPR logo Updates & Corrections On Those Surfers Paradise Meter Maids

Updates & Corrections On Those Surfers Paradise Meter Maids

Not one of Surfer's Paradise's Meter Maids. George W. Hales/Hulton Archive hide caption

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George W. Hales/Hulton Archive

In Surfers Paradise, Australia, something of a surfer's paradise, there's a roving band of bikini-clad Meter Maids that will fill your parking meters for you. Residents there hadn't been happy about having meters installed, but women in bikinis made it easier to take, or something. On this weekend's show, we asked George Porter Jr. of The Meters a quiz question about them. A couple updates:

Apparently they've fallen on hard times, thanks to financial troubles and a scandal. From what I can tell, the scandal involves one of the bikini clad women being photographed in a bikini. Now they're going to become tourism ambassadors and may not be allowed to wear bikinis anymore.

Also, a listener Penny P from Austalia points out we missed something when we talked about the Meter Maids on the show:

Correct that they exist, but for gender balance meter boys in gold speedos are also employed. Hoping this might increase tourism there, thanks.

I'm not linking to the Meter Maids site for NSFW reasons. I just went there (for research purposes!) and by the time you read this I've probably been fired for the things that popped up on my screen.