We play Dolphin Olympics 2 from Rawkins Games : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! We play the greatest dolphin-themed sports game of all time.
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Mindless Arcade Friday: Dolphin Olympics 2

[Ed. Note: Part of my job is listening to our show, to make sure everything sounds right. I'm easily distracted, though, if there's an internet or an Us Weekly around. So, I have to turn off the rest of my brain so the audio part of my brain can focus. To do this, I look for good but dumb video games to play while I listen.  The requirements are pretty simple. It has to be: 1) simple to play, 2) wordless, 3) mute-able. Here, I'll share my favorites.]

Today's game: Dolphin Olympics 2

Description: I guess they had to make Dolphin Olympics 2 to address all the unanswered questions at the end of Dolphin Olympics 1. Basically, you're a dolphin, in the Dolphin Olympics, which consists of a single event: swimming. You gather up speed by jumping out of the water and re-entering at a good angle. Eventually, you can build up enough speed that you fly into outer space, which is fine because dolphins don't need oxygen.

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Rawkins Games

DO2 is an oldie but a goodie, and is quite possibly the greatest dolphin sports game of all time.

Gameplay: Your four arrow keys move the dolphin around and change its attitude in the air. It's incredibly mindless but undeniably satisfying, once you start riding around on asteroid belts and passing distant planets.

My highscore is 72 million something.