Possibly our youngest fan. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! We have a 2-year-old listener!
NPR logo Finally, A Listener At Our Maturity Level

Finally, A Listener At Our Maturity Level

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Bridget Marshall

From the mailbag. We suspected we were corrupting the youth, but...

The other day, we had an unexpected exchange with [our two-year-old] Lucy in the car. We had some music on that we thought she would like, when she suddenly announced "I want the jokes." What could she possibly mean? We pressed and asked, and she kept insisting "I want the jokes." Could it possibly be that she wanted to listen to the radio show "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me," which we often listen to at home and in the car? So we said, incredulously, "Do you want 'Wait Wait Don't Tell Me'?" and she said "YES!" We have created a monster. An NPR-listening monster.

Lucy's mom, Bridget, blogs the whole thing here.