Match The Face To The Crime. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Play Wait Wait's new Mug Shot Game! Take your best guess: what was this guy arrested for?
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New Game! Name That Crime

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Police Department Mug Shot

Let's try this. We'll post a mugshot, you guess the alleged (and pretty much victimless) crime in the comments. Answer revealed at the end of the day. Best guess wins!

Winner gets Carl's voice on their home answering machine. Judging to be done by a panel of experts and Major League Baseball umpires.

UPDATE: We have a winner. First of all, some truly hilarious guesses from you guys. Not enough space to mention them all, but a few of our favorites:

  • Zak Dayton: Snuck into Raiders training camp, only noticed because he was the best QB there.
  • Paula Long: Whatever he did, he was drunk.
  • Joe Pennella: He attempted to rebroadcast a National Football League game with only implied verbal consent.
  • Morgan Gabler: He appears to be passing gas but since that is not a crime I will say he streaked across the baseball field.
  • Kevin Leroux: He stole an answering machine on the off-chance that he won a message from Carl.

More than one of you suggested some variation on:

  • Impersonating a raccoon without a license.

Which is hilarious.

But, to the winner. The man in the mug shot allegedly relieved himself on a traffic signal box. We don't believe the traffic signal box was harmed. Using our non-scientific method, we're giving it to the first person to get close:

  • Scott Coats: Based on the NFL jersey and self-satisfied grin, I'll make an educated guess and say Indecent Exposure/Public Urination.

Scott wasn't the only one to guess public urination, but he was the first. Scott, congratulations. Click here and send us some contact info, and we'll get you hooked up with your prize.

Thanks, everybody, for playing! We truly enjoyed reading your guesses.