Peter Sagal had never seen 'The Breakfast Club.' : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Peter watches the '80s classic for the first time.
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Peter Live-Blogs 'The Breakfast Club'

Poster for the Breakfast Club

At yesterday's meeting I made a confession: although like all sensible people I was a fan of Molly Ringwald (this week’s guest), I had never seen “The Breakfast Club.”  

“What were you doing instead?” asked producer Emily, stunned. I will confess, I couldn't remember, but in the moment, in my shame, I knew that whatever it was couldn’t have been worthwhile. So, I assigned myself some homework: I watched the movie for the first time last night, and I live-blogged my reactions in the moment.

Credits: Oh, is that where this song comes from?

IT'S MOLLY RINGWALD! She looks so young.

:04 Anthony Michael Hall's little sister is wearing an Olivia Newton John headband. This must be the 80s.

:11 Do they ever get to leave this room? Is the entire movie in this room? Who wrote this, Samuel Beckett?

:13 Judd Nelson would be a lot more threatening if he weren't Judd Nelson.

:19 “Eat my shorts?" This is what passed for profanity in 1985?

:22 He's smoking indoors... this is an old movie.

:31 These people are very white.

:38 Molly just explained what sushi is. These were dark times.  However, judging from the Coca-Cola cans, everybody knew what product placement was.

:40 Judd Nelson has really excellent hair. For someone who Just Doesn't Care, he spends a lot of time doing his hair.

:51 I kind of lost track and interest. They smoke dope, and then they start sharing. I turned off the movie and went to bed just as Emilio Estevez starting confessing his true unhappiness.

So, I don't feel like I lost out on anything by missing the movie when it came out in 1985 — except getting to use the phrase “Don't mess with the bull, you'll get the horns” in an ironic way. However, I was curious to see what I was doing instead, so I checked the IMBD list of movies that were released in 1985 so I could remember what it was I lined up to see that year, instead of "The Breakfast Club." And I found it. Feel free to judge the wisdom of my decision in the comments.