We play the YouTube Twilight game. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! A Twilight edition of 'Choose Your Own Adventure.'
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Mindless Arcade Friday: Choose Your Own Twilight


Today's game: 8-Bit Twilight Eclipse Interactive by TheStation

The great thing about working on Chicago's Navy Pier is that we're located right next to an IMAX theater, meaning we'll be going to see the new Twilight movie 'Eclipse' extra hugely on our lunch break pretty soon.

Becuase things are likely to get emotional and angsty in this latest installment of the series, I'm preparing myself for any possible outcome by playing this game - a YouTube 'Choose Your Own Adventure.' It's really easy to play, and perfect for cheaters and regretters, because you can go back and re-choose your choices once you lose or decide you actually prefer Edward to Jacob or Jacob to Edward.

Gameplay: Self-explanatory. Just watch the video and choose an adventure when prompted.