The Village Voice Investigates The Nitrous Oxide Game : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! The Village Voice looks into the so-called 'Nitrous Mafia,' the people that sell nitrous oxide for recreational purposes at music festivals. It's much more like regular drug dealing than you'd expect.
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'Hippie Crack' And The 'Nitrous Mafia'

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Just read this Village Voice piece about the "hippie crack" racket. I had no idea nitrous oxide was called "hippie crack," that there's something called a Nitrous Mafia, or that the whole thing was so serious:

With the ability to fill up to 350 [nitrous oxide] balloons per tank, which they sell for $5 and $10, [dealers] can bank more than $300,000 per festival, minus expenses.

It's like The Wire, but with way more giggling. The piece is worth a read.