We eat the unhealthiest vegetarian sandwich possible. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! For this Sandwich Monday, we go vegetarian, but still disgusting. The Wait, Wait crew treks to the Twisted Spoke to try their deep-fried portobello sandwich.
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Sandwich Monday: Meatless Edition

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Ever since we started Sandwich Monday, we've been getting letters requesting a meatless edition. It's been hard to find a vegetarian sandwich that embodies the ideals of extreme fattiness and caloric obscenity that we hold dear. I don't think the Battered & Deep Fried Portabello Sandwich at Twisted Spoke in Chicago is quite that sandwich, but it's a good attempt.

Eva and a portabello sandwich.

Ian: They've really corrupted a healthy sandwich here.

Eva: By corrupted, you mean "made delicious?"

Ian: Yes.

Ian may in fact enjoy eating sandwiches. NPR hide caption

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Ian: The batter is like a costume. It's dressing up as a piece of meat.

Eva: It's not convincing.

Mike: It's deep-fried, so it's all the bad stuff without the meat. It's like the worst hamburger ever. Still, not bad.

Ian: It just doesn't go all the way. It's not fully disgusting. It's disgusting-curious.

Each sandwich at Twisted Spoke comes with a thimble of vegetables. NPR hide caption

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Peter [who just had a root canal]: It's hard to eat this after a root canal.

Mike: We could get you a tapioca sandwich.

This is the happiest any of us have ever seen Robert Neuhaus. NPR hide caption

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This is the happiest any of us have ever seen Robert Neuhaus.


Peter: Of all the vegetables, the portobello IS the best meat impersonator.

Eva: It would be a better impersonator if it had a soul.

Ian: Or if it cried when you killed it.

[Ed. note: We're still on the search for a vegetarian sandwich that is over-the-top enough to be a Sandwich Monday sandwich. If you have any nominees, let us know, and we will eat them.]