We Look Inside The New Clinton Home : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Bill and Hillary Clinton are reportedly buying a sprawling estate in Bedford Hills, N.Y., far out of the public eye. Naturally, we found some pictures of it so we're going to invade their privacy as best we can.
NPR logo A Look Inside A Palace Fit For A Bubba

A Look Inside A Palace Fit For A Bubba

You may have heard that Bill and Hillary Clinton just bought this big honking house in Bedford Hills, NY. It's a lovely luxury mansion, with plenty of room for the couple to get far, far away from each other. Let's take a look inside. First, the kitchen:

Via Coldwall Banker

Eva: This is where the arteries get clogged.
Ian: It's hard to imagine Bubba using a gravy boat. Or any utensils, ever.

Outdoor Living Room.
Via Coldwall Banker

Eva: Bill will be spending lots of time locked out of the house. Might as well make it comfortable.
Ian: Finally, Bill mounted wildlife in a socially acceptable way.

Master Bedroom.
Via Coldwall Banker

Ian: This is their master bedroom. The only time Bill will ever see it is on this blog. Hi Bill!
Eva: I think this is the room that inspired "The Yellow Wallpaper."

Second master bedroom.
Via Coldwall Banker

Ian: I feel your pain...tings.

Eva: I feel FOR the paintings.

Via Coldwall Banker.

Peter: What you don't know is that the photographer is standing in the pool, and it extends another MILE behind him.
Eva: Unless the Clintons are swimming in full body suits, I don't want to know about it.
Ian: I bet Bill Clinton does the best cannonball of all the former presidents.