Al Gore Jr. Is In A Boxing Match. We Suggest Trash Talk For His Opponent. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Albert Gore, Jr. is fighting in a charity boxing match tonight. If you were fighting the son of Al Gore, what trash talk would you drop on him?
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I'm Gonna Punch You In Your Inconvenient Face

Albert Gore, Jr., son of documentary filmmaker Al Gore, is lined up to fight tonight in Corporate Challenge Boxing, in which corporate fatcats punch each other for charity. They could probably raise more money if they let everybody else donate money for a chance to beat them up, but whatever: Al Gore Jr. is fighting! Sorry, Kid Blanco is fighting.

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via Corporate Challenge Boxing

We figure Ken "The Carnivore" Cunningham has the best ammo for trash talk of any fighter entering the ring tonight. Our suggestions:

  • It's not just the polar bears I feel sorry for.
  • Who's your sparring partner? Joe Lieberman, Jr.?
  • We won't need no Supreme Court to decide who wins this fight.
  • Your dad invented the internet. What'd you invent? Sucking?
  • Meet my fists... This one is ANTONIN and this one is SCALIA, and they will RULE AGAINST YOU.

Or...what you got?