What Did She Do? : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! For this week's edition of Name That Crime, a "Wait, Wait" favorite: a crime involving something hidden in someone's pants. Check out the mug shot, and guess what she did!
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Name That Crime! Updated!

something in her pants
Police Mug Shot

This woman was arrested for a crime that involved hiding something in her pants. Best guess as to the alleged crime, and what was hidden in said pants, wins.

Winner gets fame, fortune, and a mention in this week's credits.*

*Fame and fortune not actually included.

UPDATE: We have a winner! Once again, you guys made it really hard to pick. A few of our favorites:

  • Scott Gabree: Not wanting to pay for two tickets to see Grown Ups on the big screen, she hid her daughter in her pants and attempted to shuffle by the attendant. The daughter, not to be outdone, filled her pants with cheaper candy from across the street. Both attempts were unsuccessful.
  • Beth Coffey: She had an entire spiraled cut ham in her pants..Non-spiraled tends to chafe when you walk.
  • Gwendolyn Murray: Matt Damon.
  • Cody Roach: Local authorities were surprised to find yet another Russian spy ring hidden in a Ohio woman's pants yesterday. The FBI claims they had been in "deep cover" for over 10 years.
  • Brian Jolley: We know it wasn't a comb.
  • Mary Borer: Now we know where Waldo's been all this time.
  • Timmon Pham: Inside her pants is a smaller person who looks just like her,
    and inside that person's pants is a even smaller version of her,
    and inside it's pants is an even smaller version of her,
    and inside it's pants is an even smaller version.
    and so on and so on...

And a few of you sent in the real story, involving, of course, a sandwich. Peter will announce the winner in this weekend's credits.

Thanks for playing!