We Play Twirdie, The Twitter Golf Game : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! For this week's Mindless Arcade Friday, we play Twirdie, which somehow manages to combine Twitter and Golf into a pretty interesting package.
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Mindless Arcade Friday: Twirdie

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Today's game: Twirdie, the Twitter Golf Game, by some Parsons Design Students who seem like very nice people.

Golf and Twitter are similar in that people who do them can't imagine life without them, and people who don't do them can't imagine why anyone would want to. Twirdie combines the two pursuits, in a way that people who love Twitter will probably love, and people who love Golf will probably find as frustrating as Golf.

Gameplay: You drive the ball by entering a word you think is being tweeted a lot. The more it's being tweeted, the farther the ball goes. Here are some words I tried:

  • bieber (108 yds.)
  • orphan (0 yds.)
  • tiger woods (3 yds.)
  • piehole (0 yds.)
  • happy (71 yds.)
  • obama (26 yds.)
  • shia lebouf (0 yds.)
  • taco (7 yds.)

As I got up to about 15 over par, I just started entering words unfit for a family website such as this.

Recommended, for people who like: filling out search bars, Twitter, Justin Bieber.  As a game to pass the time with: ultimately infuriating. As a way to look at what people are talking about at any given moment: pretty interesting.