We Eat Ally Sheedy's Sandwich From 'The Breakfast Club,' And We Regret It. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! For this week's Sandwich Monday, we recreate Ally Sheedy's sandwich from The Breakfast Club. Ingredients: Cap'n Crunch, Pixy Stix, White Bread and Courage.

Sandwich Monday: 'The Breakfast Club' Edition

The ingredients

Sandwich Monday is all about the sandwiches of today, but from time to time we like to look back at historically significant sandwiches. Today, it's an 80's classic, from "The Breakfast Club." Remember the lunchroom scene:


We set out to recreate Sheedy's sandwich: white bread, wheat bread, butter, Pixy Stix (we chose grape), and a whole lot of Cap'n Crunch cereal. It was way worse than any of us expected. Except for Mike. He liked it.

Eva eats the sandwich

Eva: Every time I chew I die a little.

Peter: Something about the Cap'n Crunch and the white bread, it really fights being eaten.

Ian: If you were this sandwich, why would you want to survive?

Mike eats the sandwich.

Mike: It's not bad!

Ian: Yes it is!

Peter: It's hard to tell what makes it so terrible.

Eva: Probably the flavor.

Ian reacts.

Peter: The fact that Ally Sheedy was able to eat this without making a face, it's a testament to her acting.

Mike: It was probably special effects.

Peter: The Cap'n Crunch was totally CGI.

Half-eaten sandwich

Eva: It's weird, individually all the ingredients are good, but together, it's just awful.

Ian: There are so many better ways we could be recreating 80's movies right now. We could be building a woman with a computer.

Peter applies the most important part of a Pixy Stix sandwich: the Pixy Stix. NPR hide caption

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Mike: This sandwich did everything I wanted it to do. It achieved texture, it achieved tang.

Ian: The lunchroom scene is there to show how different Sheedy's character is. The scene required a sandwich so objectively awful that characters from all walks of life would be disgusted by it. They needed the Worst Sandwich In The World, and this is what they came up with.

Mike: I think mine is different than yours.

[At this point Mike convinces Ian to try his. It is not different.]

Eva smashes the Cap'n Crunch to make room for more Cap'n Crunch. NPR hide caption

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