Our Radio Show's Comment Thread : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! This week's Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me! open thread is ... open. Talk about whatever you like.
NPR logo Open Thread 8/7-8/8

Open Thread 8/7-8/8

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Here it is, our radio show's comment thread. Talk about whatever you like. Maybe you want to stand up for the Triceratops, maybe you need advice about who to give half of your billions to (although we can get you a really nice tote bag if you choose your local station. I'm looking at you, Gates).

Or, maybe you want to debate the winner of this week's Name That Crime contest. Our panel of judges had a tough time choosing once again. A few of our favorites, though:

  • Robb Westaby: Second degree snooking, punishable by release into the state of New Jersey, as opposed to first degree snooking, punishable by life in New Jersey.
  • Lisa Hornstein: I believe that on the Eastern Seaboard "Disorderly Conduct" is euphemism for "Being Snooki in Public"
  • Susan Lombardi: Clearly her hair was disorderly. I think there was the misuse of a bump-it involved.
  • Michael Foley: Impersonating an Oompa Loompa, badly, out of season, without a permit.