We Play The Game Solipskier, From Mikengreg Games Co. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! For this week's Mindless Arcade Friday, we play Solipskier, a fast-paced skiing game. We aren't good at it, but it's fun anyway.
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Mindless Arcade Friday: Solipskier

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Mikengreg Games Co.

Today's Game: Solipskier, from Mikengreg Games. It's a skiing game, except you're not the skier, you're the mountain. Your job is to keep the skier alive, but barely—the faster you go and more you send him flying through the air, the higher your score.

The skier is a stick figure. He doesn't have muscles, organs, or skin. But he does have ears, so I hope he'll hear me when I say: I'm sorry I killed you 15 times.

Gameplay: Drag your mouse to create the mountain in front of the solipskier. Let go of the mouse button when he's in the air and he'll do tricks. Hit gates. Avoid things that'll kill you.

Recommended, for people who like: being mountains, killing stick figures, rainbows.

My only complaint: the makers of this game use the verb "solipski," as in "I just solipskied." It's not a word, and I refudiate it.