Disney's Remixed Cartoons Are Hilariously Awful. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Disney has remixed some classic cartoons with new commentary and rocking music. They are truly terrible. That's why we're posting them.

Beloved Childhood Memories? BLAM!

Disney, apparently, has been taking its classic cartoons and remixing them for today's media-savvy kids. They call it "Blam!" If it wasn't posted somewhere on the internet that they were real, I'd think they were a parody of everything terrible everywhere. Because really, wow:


BLAM IN YOUR FACE! It's especially weird because the narrator, an employee of the World of Disney, seems to have nothing but contempt for the beloved characters of the World of Disney.

Via Cartoon Brew, which has more episodes of "Blam!" and a sharp take on just what makes them so bad.