College Sports Teams Scantily Clad. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! College beefcake photos get leaked to the web, but no one seems interested in NPR's leaked beefcake photos.
NPR logo Rejected Story Of The Day: The College Beefcake Bowl

Rejected Story Of The Day: The College Beefcake Bowl

An original beefcake photo: Hawaii's 64th Coast Artillery Boxing Team, posing with a 3-inch anti-aircraft gun, 1939. By Bobster855/Flickr Creative Commons hide caption

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By Bobster855/Flickr Creative Commons

Images at the link below are not exactly NSFW, but they're JKOWFW (just kind of weird for work).

We spent a few minutes in yesterday's meeting discussing whether or not to use a story from the Wall Street Journal about college football beefcake photos. This is apparently a longstanding tradition involving teammates lathering themselves in baby oil and posing shirtless together next to beefcakey things like orange Lamborghinis and big guns.

In the end we decided not to use the story on the radio show, because holding the photo spreads up to the microphone is not an effective way to communicate their beefcakeyness.