We Ran A Story That Wasn't True. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! We issue a correction: our story about Russ Feingold's campaign ad wasn't true.
NPR logo The Corrections: Our Bad, Senator Feingold

The Corrections: Our Bad, Senator Feingold

Last week on the show, we did a story about a recent ad from Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin which showed him in front of his home in the Badger State. It was sort of a testament to his Wisconsin bona fides, but we’d read that instead of filming the ad in front of his actual house, he used special effects. You have to admit that would be hilarious, if it were true. We found this story on a blog, where we’ve just learned people are allowed to post things they haven’t fact-checked.

Turns out Feingold was there. We should have checked, and we didn't. We sincerely apologize to Sen. Feingold. We’ve always been a big supporter of your state, as evidenced in this totally non-photoshopped-or-green-screened photo:

Ol' #4, Peter Sagal, leads the Green Bay Packers onto the field. Composite by Ian hide caption

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Composite by Ian