A New Helmet Captures Peter's Eye. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Peter considers all options when it comes to bicycle head-protection. Some options are dorkier than others.
NPR logo Just Because You're Falling Off Your Bike Doesn't Mean You Can't Look Great

Just Because You're Falling Off Your Bike Doesn't Mean You Can't Look Great

Ever since my bicycle accident this summer, I have been religious about wearing my helmet whenever I'm even near a bicycle, which means I'm resigned to looking like a dork. (It doesn't help that I also ride a 40 year old British 3 speed around my suburb, and sometimes tuck my pants leg into my sock.) Is there a better way? Something more fashionable? Something more... dare I say... pneumatic?   Yes.


There seem to be two disadvantages to the Hovding Krocktest (I know it's not called that, but in my world, it is.) First, instead of a silly looking helmet, you have to wear a bizarrely thick collar, making you look like (in my mind) Davros, mad scientist creator of the Daleks.*

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That's probably not fair.   However, there is the danger of sudden movements made while wearing the collar, off-bike, triggering the airbag. What if you're on a hot date, and the time has come to swoop in for the kiss? What if you're playing a competitive game of bobbing for apples? What if you're bowing to the queen? What if you're bobbing for apples with the queen?   I think I'll wait until they invent a harder head.

*[Ed. note: This is some kind of Dr.Who reference, right? Can someone design a helmet that protects all parts of Peter's brain except the part that makes Dr.Who references?]