A Story That Didn't Make It Out Of Our Story Meeting : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! For today's rejected story, a tale with a moral: if you're going to get in a ring with a bull, wear two layers of pants.
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Rejected Story Of The Day: Bull Versus Pants


I think we can all agree that bullfighting would be a much better sport if the object was for the bull to try and rip the bullfighter's pants off before the bullfighter could put pants on the bull.

That seems to be what was going on here, and the bull won, before the bullfighter countered with some expert impromptu self-diapering.

Someone pitched this at our story meeting, but we chose not to use it on the show because the image of a matador in a skintight powder blue jumpsuit and bright pink boots diapering himself is better just watched on YouTube.