Peter, On Magician Mac King. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Magician Mac King is our opening act in Vegas. Peter confesses his love.
NPR logo Peter Believes In Magic, At Least When This Guy Does It

Peter Believes In Magic, At Least When This Guy Does It


Confession, I love magic, so I hate most magicians. They put on a velvet suit and do that David Copperfield gliding around thing and perform, for the most part, the same ratty old tricks my older brother Doug did for birthday parties back in NJ in the 1970s.  And even more than I hate magicians, I hate magicians who do comedy. I mean, if they were really funny, they wouldn't have to tricks, and vice versa.

Which is all prelude to saying how much I love Mac King. I met Mac when we did our first show in Las Vegas, eight years ago, and he invited me to see his afternoon "Comedy Magic" show the next day. I went, and discovered that if you're really funny, like Mac is, it'll make your tricks even seem more amazing — how does a guy that funny do magic that well? And if you're a brilliant magician, like Mac is, you'll make your jokes even better — how does a guy that skilled manage to be that witty?

It's win-win, people.  It's whipped cream with whipped cream on top. The point of all this adoration is to let you know Mac has agreed to become Wait Wait Don't Tell Me's first ever opening act. I won't say he's warming up the audience for us... more, like we're cooling the place down after he's done.