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NPR logo Gift Guide: Kackel Dackel!

Gift Guide: Kackel Dackel!


[Ed note: over the next couple week's we'll be posting our annual "Wait, Wait Gift Guide": your source for stuff you will almost certainly not want to buy for anyone on your list.]

Today's Gift: Kackel Dackel, the pooping dachshund. It’s just like having a real dog, if having a real dog means feeding your pet a playdoh-like substance and using a squeeze bulb to encourage him to go on the floor.

Who do I buy it for? People with overly sanitized memories of their childhood pets, 4 year olds.

What will the person think when they open it? For me? You shouldn’t have! I’ll just stash it over here next to my pooping reindeer candy dispenser and Barbie’s dog Tanner, who really needs to be taken out right now.

Where do I find it? Germany.

Alternative:  We realize that there may be someone on your list who finds pooping dogs unappetizing. For that person we recommend this more tasteful alternative, the Snotty Snotter game. Enjoy!