A Friday Time-Wasting Game That Might Also Run Into Your Weekend. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Good on you if you beat this Fox v. Duck game, but maybe think about using your talents do do something productive!
NPR logo Mindless Arcade Friday: Fox v. Duck Forever

Mindless Arcade Friday: Fox v. Duck Forever

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What: The Fox and The Duck on Buzzfeed.com

In this game you are a duck - represented by a red dot - and you must exit the pond (the big circle) without getting eaten by the fox - the blue dot.

Once you accept the fact that foxes don't always have to be red in the animated world, you'll get hung up thinking this game is impossible. But it's not! You can outsmart the fox! (If you do, kindly let us know how).

Gameplay: Use your mouse to guide the duck. Use your patience to eventually win.

Recommended For: People who really really don't care about getting any work done and/or people who think outside the circle.

Not Recommended For: People who get sweaty palms anytime they see anything vaguely resembling a high school algebra problem.