We Eat A Cheesesteak Topped With Macaroni And Cheese : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! For this week's Sandwich Monday, we eat a sort-of-homemade Mac and Cheesesteak, which is a cheesesteak topped with macaroni and cheese. And tater tots, because we thought it needed something else.
NPR logo Sandwich Monday: The Philly Mac And Cheesesteak

Sandwich Monday: The Philly Mac And Cheesesteak

A couple weeks ago, when our pal Eric at NPR posted an ad for the Philly Mac and Cheesesteak from Great Steaks on his Facebook page, I'm sure most people saw it and thought, "that looks like it would give me a heart attack, if I didn't die of grossness first." We, of course, thought: GET ME IT. Sadly, Great Steaks has stopped offering the cheesesteak topped with mac and cheese, but we did a pretty good job making our own.

It came with a side of tater tots, so we went ahead and put those on there too.

Eva: It looks like the potato rabbit pooped on your sandwich.

Lorna: Hello? Could we get any more starches on there?

Ian: Yes. Yes we could. On Sandwich Monday, no question is rhetorical.

Mike: Mac and Cheese, Cheesesteak, Tater Tots. It's like a Supergroup. This is the Temple of the Dog of sandwiches.

Blythe: But those flavors are all superstars, so there's too many egos. It's like the Cheesesteak was the Miami Heat, then they added LeBron Tots.

Ian: Bringing the mac and cheese up to sandwich from side dish, it's like bringing a player up from the minors before he's ready.

Mike: Coincidentally, mac and cheese has the same body fat percentage as CC Sabathia.

Ian: Do you think we're the first species to do this kind of thing? Or are lions on the Serengeti like "dude, let's put this dead wildebeest on top of that dead zebra and eat it AT THE SAME TIME?"

Robert: I read somewhere that archeologists have uncovered mastodon bones sprinkled with Funyuns.

Sorry, ladies. Note the ring on that finger. Robert's taken. NPR hide caption

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Sorry, ladies. Note the ring on that finger. Robert's taken.


Ian: This isn't very good, but I bet "Philly Mac & Cheesecake" would be worse.

Lorna: It's just that mac & cheese and a cheesesteak is a weird mix of kid food and adult food.

Mike: You said the same thing about the Four Loko Juicebox.

[The verdict: among the grosser things we've eaten on Sandwich Monday, and not better than the sum of its parts. A few bites tasted pretty good, but then we realized it was really just the cheesesteak we liked, and that everything else distracted rather than enhanced.]