You're A Rabbit, And You're Hungry For Carrots. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! For this week's Mindless Arcade Friday, we play "Carrot Track," a ridiculously easy game pitting a rabbit against adorable puppies.
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Mindless Arcade Friday: Carrot Track

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Today's game: Carrot Track by Ferry Halim

Gameplay: Use your mouse to pull puppies out of the way of a gluttonous rabbit, so he can eat as many carrots as he pleases. Be careful, because as you may have suspected, tiny puppies are deadly to everything they touch.

Ultimately, you can choose if you're on the side of the rabbit or the puppies, and let things unfold accordingly.

It's pretty easy to survive for a long time and rack up what appears to be a high score, so as long as you're not a PETA member, you'll feel better about yourself after playing. Unless you get fired as a result. But then you can play at home to feel better again!

Music: Straight out of the bright and sunny bits of an allergy med commercial.

Recommended for: Sad people, people who are bad at games and would like one they can win.