A multitasking IQ test, with disappointing results. : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Ever wondered if you'd be a good at teaching kindergarten, or juggling juggling balls? Test your multitasking skills here.
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Mindless Arcade Friday: Multitasking

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What: Multitask by IcyLime

I've always considered myself an ace multitasker who can't get things done unless my attention is divided up two dozen ways.

But this game has proven me wrong. It's deceptively simple. First, use the left-right arrow keys to keep the ball from rolling away. Then, at the same time, use the up-down arrow keys to avoid getting skewered.

From there things just get more difficult as your focus is drawn to different screens and keys. For me, things rapidly spiraled out of control every time I reached the third level — my eyes crossed, fingers convulsed and I lost. High score: 56.

But you should try it. If you're as bad as me, each game attempt will take less than a minute.

Gameplay: Tweak various mechanisms using your keyboard. The more levels, the more tasks you have to do at once.

Recommended For: People who can simultaneously rub their stomach and pat their head.

Not Recommended For: People with tunnel vision.