Sandwich Monday: Meatyballs : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! By the time we caught up with the Meatyballs Mobile" food truck, they had just five sandwiches left. So we went with the "Choke 'n Chicken": chicken balls, artichokes, mushrooms, shallots, lemon, and truffle oil.
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Sandwich Monday: Meatyballs

"Life's a journey, not a destination." --Aerosmith

"Even if you just biked through the city to track down the Meatyballs food truck, and you feel that the journey to get the sandwich was as much a part of the experience as the sandwich itself, there is never a reason to quote Aerosmith." — Ian's brain

When we got to the Meatyballs Mobile food truck, they had five sandwiches left. We'd wanted to try the whole menu but were stuck with the "Choke 'n Chicken," which had chicken balls, artichokes, mushrooms, shallots, lemon and truffle oil.

Ian: This is really like hunting. We tracked our prey through the city, and then paid it $5 for it go die and make itself into a sandwich for us. Just like hunting.

Mike: It's going to be tough to taste this because inhaling all that car exhaust has destroyed my palate.

Robert: These chicken balls have an odd consistency. It's like gefilte chicken.

Ian: My iPhone just changed that to "defiled chicken." Also true.

Ian: I can see the balls! It's crowning!

Peter: It doesn't feel like a lunch, it feels like clue to a scavenger hunt that will lead us to our actual lunch. Like, "It's little white balls. Our real lunch must be on a golf course!"

Mike: Are chicken balls in the same food group as Rocky Mountain Oysters and Lamb Fries?

Ian: It's like the chicken wanted to look like an egg again. Like your mom wearing Hot Topic.

[The verdict: It's fun to go to your food. We messed up in not biking there faster to get our pick of sandwiches, and I have to think chicken is not the most ballable of foods. We'll try again.]