We didn't try Marmite the "right way", here's why: : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Who knew a sandwich could be so controversial?! Eva addresses the outrage surrounding our Marmite Sandwich.
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In Defense Of Marmite

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Of all the horrible things we've eaten on Sandwich Mondays, it's been something of a surprise to see the controversy surrounding yesterday's Marmite Sandwich post. As a half-British person, who grew up partly in London and loves food born of a time when fruits and vegetables were an exotic foreign novelty, I agree with your primary complaints: we used too much, we didn't toast the bread first, and we should have used butter too.

But, I served the Marmite the way I did because:

1) I wanted my coworkers to get a full, pure, intense Marmite experience. Why miss an opportunity to repulse and horrify them?

2) We work on the fourth floor and the toaster is all the way down on the second floor.

Anyway, after reading your many comments, Peter decided to try it again according to custom. His reaction:

I found it quite tasty, the usual bland fatty sweetness of buttered toast made much more interesting by the salty death taste of the Marmite. It made it better in exactly the same way that knowledge of our own mortality makes each day more precious.

Ian also tried again:

After many of you noted that we should use less, I went all the way, and used none. It WAS much better.

One more thing: for anyone wishing to experiment further in the world of Marmite, I recommend Twiglets - a cracker type snack that tastes like Marmite and is meant to look like a twig. A TWIG.