How To Perform CPR With A Hyundai : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! One of the top Super Bowl ads features a man in a Hyundai using some nifty driving skills and a seatbelt to perform chest compressions on a passed-out passenger. Would it actually work?
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How To Perform CPR With A Hyundai

From our "How To Do Everything" podcast:


Could the lifesaving technique in this Hyundai Super Bowl ad really work? We asked Dr. Peter Lechman of Chicago:

Probably not. First of all, the fact that it's a Hyundai really makes me discouraged that you'd be able to get enough power going to accomplish anything. But the starting and stopping is really ineffective because it's not compressing the chest wall enough to actually squeeze the heart to push blood around.

What you'd need is a rigid attachment on the underside of the seat belt to give the heart the pressure it needs. But could you, say, use jumper cables and a car battery as a defibrillator?

The Chevy Volt's got a lot of power, and no one is using them to drive, so maybe people could use those as portable defibrillators. And you could zap the guy, and either kill him or bring him back to life.

In case it's not clear, he's kidding.

You'd actually kill the guy.

Hyundai: Great value, not so great as a lifesaving device.