Intern Net #2: Boston, Frisbee, and Peeps : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! The second entry in Kate the Intern's journal.
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Intern Net #2: Boston, Frisbee, and Peeps

Several Peeps were harmed during the creation of this blog post. NPR hide caption

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Several Peeps were harmed during the creation of this blog post.


Monday, April 9th

12:34pm: Planning Meeting. The show's going on the road to Boston this week. I bop my head and sing "Dirty Water" until I realize the rest of the staff is from Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, and West Virginia and they're giving me weird looks / don't appreciate the significance of that song.

12:40pm: Emily goes over the itinerary for the trip. While she focuses on important stuff like making sure the host and producers make their flights, everyone else spends most of their time discussing what they want to eat for dinner tomorrow night. Whether they end up getting Pad Thai, chowder, hamburgers, seafood, pierogies, beef paprikash, stroganoff, or wellington, no one can say they don't have their priorities straight.

Tuesday, April 10th

9:50am: Ian bets Peter he can't make it a full week without tweeting. The whole staff is encouraged to monitor his Twitter account this week to keep him honest. So far @petersagal's looking good, but social networking is this man's kryptonite, so stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 11th

9:15am: According to Emily's itinerary, everyone gets on a plane to go to Boston. Since I'm staying behind in Chicago, I may or may not set my alarm a little bit later than I normally do.

Thursday, April 12th

11:27am: I look around the office. The place is deserted. I decide to take a walk. Interns get lonely too, you know.

Friday, April 13th

5:30pm: Peter reappears on Twitter. Turns out he only operates in standard business weeks.

Wednesday, April 18th

3:32pm: Mike breaks out his nylon WGBH frisbee. I don't know how much someone needs to pledge to a station to get one of those, but I do know that Mike is a generous guy.

After competing to see who can throw the furthest, we end up making up a game we name "Frisbee Bocce," where we try to toss the disk closest to a rubber band ball target. Several people from other shows come out to the hall to politely see what all the cheering and jeering is about. Lorna has an impressive showing, as does Mike.

Unfortunately, without Carl here to keep score, we have no way of knowing who won.

Thursday, April 19th

12:55pm: I'm surprised to learn that my co-workers are unfamiliar with the culinary art of "Microwaving a Peep."

Not our Peeps. A video by expert Peep Exploder UBrocks.

UBrocks YouTube

Fortunately there is an inexplicable surplus of Peeps in our office, so I pop a few fluorescent pink marshmallows into the electric oven for about 45 seconds on High to demonstrate.

The Peeps do not disappoint. The sugar lends a sweet, caramelized smell [Ed. Note: it really just smells like burning] to the office that lasts for hours [Ed. Note: that part's true], and the melted gooiness far surpasses their regular post-Easter staleness. But mostly, the trajectory of the Microwaved Peep Life Cycle is a cautionary tale. Like the Peep, when we sit in a sealed room, the target of millions and billions of microwave rays, we too may suddenly and outrageously increase in size, only to deflate into a strange, dejected puddle of our own purple food dye.