Mindless Arcade Friday: The Grading Game : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Get through the Friday doldrums with this diversion into the exciting world of the essay-correcting graduate student.

Mindless Arcade Friday: The Grading Game

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First Person Tutor

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First Person Tutor

What: First Person Tutor: or, The Grading Game

You're a destitute graduate student with overdue student loans, and the only way to pay them back is grading papers for Dr. Paynuss, an evil professor determined to fail all his students. You earn points by finding spelling and grammar errors in their papers within a thirty-second time limit. The lower their grade, the higher your salary.

Despite the fact that this should be the most boring game in the world, I found myself sucked in. Possibly because I just took out my first loan for graduate school. Even though I used to work as a copy editor and feel pretty solid in my grammar and spelling skills, I did not do as well on this game as I hoped. I'm glad the proofreading I did in the past did not include a ticking clock.

I anticipate this game is similar to what my real life is going to look like for the next two years, though I doubt I'll have students with names as awesome as "Barack Friday" and "Xerxes Frampt."

Game play: Click on errors to correct them. Use arrow keys to scroll through the paper.

Recommended for: Grammar Nazis, people who enjoy correcting other people, and English teachers-in-training. For real English teachers, this might be a little too much like what you really do to enjoy it as any form of recreation.