Sandwich Monday: The Streetwise Cheesetop Burger : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try a sandwich found at KFC Philippines.
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Sandwich Monday: The Streetwise Cheesetop Burger

The KFC Streetwise Cheesetop Burger.
KFC Philippines

You may be asking, "why put cheese on top of the sandwich?" Well, because it's there. (That's what George Mallory said when someone asked him "why put cheese on top of Mount Everest?"). KFC World Headquarters, which is in a hollowed-out volcano in Kentucky, has decided to only distribute its new Streetwise Cheesetop Burger in the Philippines. We were forced to make our own.

Blythe: Finally, a chicken sandwich equipped for synagogue.

Ian: I don't like how I'm leaving fingerprints in the cheese. This would be a horrible sandwich to bring to a murder.

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A perfect replica.


Ian: This is what chicken sandwiches wear to Green Bay Packers games.

Blythe: This sandwich is like that day in elementary school when you accidentally wore your underwear over your pants.

Blythe: I feel like I'm eating what you give the dog when you need it to swallow a pill. Just hide it in some cheese!

Ian: This is delicious, and you no longer have ringworm.

Eva: The cheese is sticky, which makes me think we were supposed to adhere another burger to the top. Or some other food of choice.

Peter: Or maybe it's like those things the FBI sticks to the underside of your car to track you. But with this they can track you by your delicious smell.

Eva: You get the feeling the cheese is covering up something we're not supposed to see.

Blythe: It has a tattoo!

Ian: Sandwiches, like people, sometimes regret the tattoos on their buns.

[The verdict: as delicious as it is inexplicable.]