We're Moving Out! : Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! Farewell, old blog. "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me" is moving over to tumblr, where we promise great videos of people falling down and animals falling down. It's basically a place to put all the things the "Wait, Wait" staff emails to each other when they should be working on the show. Here's some info on how to find us.
NPR logo We're Moving Out!

We're Moving Out!

We're packing up the 1's and 0's here, and moving all "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me" blog things over to tumblr. Right now it's the Internet's #1 source for photographs of Peter Sagal on his motorcycle, but we hope it'll be much, much more (Peter Sagal on his unicycle, hovercraft, pool noodle, etc.). Check it out at wwdtm.tumblr.com.

Sandwich Monday is going to keep living at The Salt. You can find those revolting posts right here.

And you can still find info about our show, tickets to our tapings, past episodes, and all that stuff at npr.org/waitwait.