Ski Mask The Slump God, 'Burn The Hoods': Protest Music In 2020 : We Insist: A Timeline Of Protest Music In 2020 This song, part of our 'We Insist' timeline of 2020's noteworthy protest music, was released July 23.

Ski Mask The Slump God Takes On The KKK In 'Burn The Hoods'


Some of the defining images of the summer of 2020 have been of protestors removing and repurposing Confederate monuments in cities across America. And no song has captured the defiant, cathartic energy of a crowd of people tearing down a statue of a Confederate general better than Ski Mask The Slump God's "Burn the Hoods" and its accompanying video, in which the Florida-born rapper burns a Confederate flag, proclaims "f***, my president Donald Trump" and takes out several members of the Ku Klux Klan with a machete. The song's lyric visual is no less chaotic, featuring an animated group of protestors exploding Georgia's infamous Stone Mountain memorial.

Propelled by an off-kilter metronomic synth and booming 808 kick drums, Ski Mask is fully on high-energy mode here. He bounces through most of the song in an ebullient, rebellious sneer, resting briefly in a baritone mumble that just serves to make the final chorus sound that much more in-your-face.