Jackson Browne On World Cafe : World Cafe This installment of Vintage Cafe revisits a 2008 session with the politically outspoken singer. Browne's album Time the Conqueror explores past and present world events that have defined generations.

Jackson Browne On World Cafe

Jackson Browne On World Cafe

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Song List

    • "Off Of Wonderland"
    • "Going Down To Cuba"
    • "Just Say Yeah"

This installment of Vintage Cafe takes us back to 2008, when Jackson Browne had just released Time the Conqueror — at the time his first studio release in six years — which mixes the personal with the political.

From the '70s into the '80s, the singer's work made a move into more political songcraft — a change that didn't always thrill his original fans. Browne has been outspoken on many political issues over the years, most notably voicing his opposition to nuclear energy.

This segment originally ran on Nov. 7, 2008.